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Kihei Youth Center  Celebrating 40 years of youth services on Maui Since 1983

Updated registration and membership information as of March 7, 2023

  • Kihei Youth Center accepts registration on an on-going basis throughout the year for ages 8 to 18 years old (2nd grade to 12th grade) at our KYC facility and for our Satellite Services at Kihei Charter School, services are 3rd grade to 6th grade only.  There is no charge for our services – our services are FREE, but we gladly welcome any donation.

  • We are no longer accepting registration via on-line or accepting any downloaded applications, therefore registration needs to be picked up at our facility at the Kenolio Recreational Center at 131 S. Kihei Rd., Bldg. B, Kihei. We are located at the North end of Kihei, adjacent to Kalaepohaku Beach, aka Suda Beach, aka Kihei Canoe Club….at the “Old Kihei School.”

    • You should enter on Kenolio Rd. off Uwapo Rd. if coming down from the highway or turning onto Uwapo Rd. from South Kihei Rd in order to park in the parking lot at the north end of the KRC – do not park beachside.

    • You will see our sign on the building that is in the middle of the park. The dog park, the softball backstop, the public restroom, and the basketball court are all adjacent to KYC. You can’t miss us! Our building, leased from the County of Maui Parks and Recreation, is green with beige trim and we have our name on signs on two sides of our building: makai and mauka.

  • Registration may be picked up at our facility between 2:00pm – 5:00pm Monday through Friday, except Wednesday, you can come between 1:00pm – 5:00pm. You may call us in advance at (808) 879-8698 before coming.

    • You may also come earlier in the day, but only during vacation periods, such as Summer, Fall Break, Winter Break and Spring Break as you may come between 8:00am – 5:00pm. You may complete the registration on-site and or take it home and return it.

  • You may drop off the hardcopy and or mail it to Kihei Youth Center P.O Box 1722 Kihei, HI  96753. Your date of membership will be the actual date that we receive it if delivered in person and or if mailing, it will be the postmarked date on the mailed envelope, not the date that you indicated on the actual registration.

  • Due to an increase in our membership and our services no longer being  “drop-in”, your child may have to be placed on our Wait List until a spot opens. The number of members that we can have at any one-time depends on the number of staff we have. Like many places of employment, KYC has been short staffed, and we have been diligently working on hiring qualified staff so we can open more spots. We will notify you if your child may be able to start immediately and or will need to be placed on our Wait List.

  • We now have two sites that we provide services for: one at our original site and one at the Kihei Charter School. The Kihei Charter School is specifically for afterschool services as we do not offer extended services for holiday or vacation services there. Our services take place in the cafeteria on campus immediately afterschool. This partnership was a collaboration of both KYC and KCS when trying to ensure services for our youth members who came from KCS after-school for years, but due to COVID, that was no longer possible. Hence, the KYC Satellite Services at KCS. This eliminates unnecessary travel on the road and us being able to provide services to more members, but at another location.

  • Registration for the KCS site for school year 2024 will be done by lottery in May 2023 due to the overwhelming number of requests for KCS site service. Specific registration will be distributed to each perspective member, and it will not be the same registration as is used for our KYC site.  We will announce the dates and times that we will have mass registration through Kihei Charter School and other means of notification.

  • The KCS registration will be color coded and given a specific number for tracking purposes, therefore copied registrations will not be accepted and the applicant will need to re-do another registration if using a copied one. No exceptions will be made. Current members will need to re-register as we will not carry-over any current members. Registration will continue to be taken throughout the year after the initial lottery, but members may be placed on the Wait List if there is more members than there is available spots.


Please note that KYC has lifted its Mask Mandate at both sites but may request it without advance notice and implement the mandate to wear disposable masks at our discretion at any time that we fill necessary. We will not accept any mask exemptions, so please note that if you do not want your child to wear a mask, s/he may be released from our program as needed in such situations when the mask mandate is in place. This includes the possibility of reinstating our social distancing policy previously enforced. Handwashing, hand sanitizing and temperature checks are still required at both sites as part of our daily “Health and Wellness Check” and anyone with a fever or showing any signs or symptoms of COVID, the Flu or a cold may be asked to go home upon notifying parents. We are asking our parents to please inform us if your child/ren has recently tested positive for COVID or the Flu as it will be an indicator if other members and or staff are ill and we can properly sanitize as needed. Your child’s name will not be released to any member or the public, it will be for our use only.

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