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"A, b,c", as easy as "1,2,3."  Proudly recited, when asked "what are the "A,B'C's of KYC?"

These are the basics that empower not only our youth, but everyone in society, to attain our fullest potential as people and to help us to bring out the best in one another. This is something that is so vital in our society as it is needed for LIFE, not just for the period of early childhood or adolescents.  

The challenge that our kids face today is that they sometimes do not see good role-modeling, thus emulating the opposite of what we hope for.  This happens in all cross-sections of society, all economic backgrounds, all cultures.  No one is exempt of the social ills that are plaguing our society. This makes it harder for youth to navigate through life without either tittering or succumbing to the perils of transitioning to adulthood.  Therefore, we need to take a "3-legged" approach to dealing with the matter.  Number one is home. Number two, is school and number three, is what we call "other."  Kihei Youth Center is considered "other." Sports, hula, Boy Scouts, anything else, is considered other, but being "other" is extremely vital as "it takes a whole village to raise a child."   

We recognize our youth members for making strides to obtaining their positive "A,B,C's". We recognize their "here and now".... whether it be improving their grades, having a much better attitude, being helpful, treating people with kindness and respect, even making a positive turnaround from a past challenging behavior or attitude...we help build positive "A,B,C's".

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